I know what it feels like to be at the bottom

When you feel like the whole world is against you. For years I battled with addiction. Growing up in Florida, my father passed away at a young age, which put my mindset in a negative place. After years of being on the street, karma caught up with me after spending multiple sentences behind bars. I had enough. Something had to change.

For many people, it was a higher power or a group that helped them improve their lives. For me, it was music. I had to find an outlet to get these demons out of my head, so through my music I help myself by writing about all the things I have been through and try to inspire others at the same time. Just like everyone else, I still struggle every single day. Many people out in the world go through the same things I have been through. That is why I started this roughneck community.

A roughneck is someone who has been to the bottom, torn down, with nothing left, but gets back up every time, moves forward, and keeps it real. As I say in one of my songs, "Keep your head high and middle finger higher". We are all on this journey, so let's do it together. Roughneck way of life. If I can make it out of what I went through, anyone can.

I am going to be appearing live, creating new content on a regular basis. This group isn't a support group, it is a family. I am working with my team with designed convictions to make all this possible.

I am blessed every day to be able to drink a few beers, smoke, write music, go fishing, hang out with my family, and be an inspiration to all you roughnecks out there!

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